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A Spiritual Adventure

Follow JC Go is a mobile game developed by Fundación Ramón Pané, Inc. The mobile game lets players meet biblical characters and learn biblical information from their current location.

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  • Discover saints, Marian devotions and biblical characters
  • Socialize with fellow Christians and Catholics
  • An evangelical application for children and youth
  • Become spiritual with a papal blessed application


  • A Pokemon Go clone
  • Players have to acquire or farm in-game resources to survive
  • Could be exclusive to Christians and Catholics
  • Could be too distracting during religious activities


Follow JC Go is a mobile game developed by Fundación Ramón Pané, Inc. The mobile game lets players meet biblical characters and learn biblical information from their current location.

Forming An eTeam

Follow JC Go has a similar gameplay to Pokemon Go, players use their mobile device’s augmented reality feature, travel on foot and encounter cavalcade of characters from Christianity. They are categorized into 3 groups: saints, Marian devotions, and biblical figures. Longtime readers of the Bible might recognize them while children and youth will get to know recognizable Christian figures such as Abraham, Isaac, Moses, Jacob, Peter, James and John. Players can form their very own Evangelization Team or eTeam by recruiting each of them found walking on the streets or riding on a vehicle. Forming an eTeam lets players have a personal collection of characters that will help them on their spiritual pilgrimage and religious activities around the world. Players also manage their “virtual survival” status by gathering resources like water, food, and spirituality.

Taking Advantage of Augmented Reality

Upon playing the game, it is noticeable that it bares somehow the same interface of Pokemon Go. They can have a customized avatar to make their account more personalized. Players are presented with individual and group missions where they have to discover and answer the mobile game’s biblical trivia. Answering the trivia or completing missions will reward players with collectibles for their eTeam. The mobile game comes with a ranking system where players compete with each other to have the highest score accumulated. The scores are gathered from every country participating in the game. Other than gathering characters, this mobile game comes Geolocalization feature for tourists. It provides a search engine for players who wish to visit local points of interest closest to their current position at that moment. They can find churches, tourist spots, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, banks and other public places that every tourist would visit abroad. They can use it as a map if they got lost while wandering to look for the next biblical character.

Making Religious Icons Interesting

The game’s achievements and rewards features are ideal concepts for children and youths if they are in a spiritual pilgrimage with their family, they have no to little information about the saints and biblical figures, and they are too bored to participate in the religious activities. Since today’s generation is too engrossed with mobile devices, this game is helpful for connecting the religious world to the new generation of Christians. Non-Christians believers or anyone curious can also learn from the game since it is made to provide knowledge about Christianity in a simple, consumer-friendly manner.

Evangelization In The Modern Times

Follow JC Go is a decent entry level for understanding Christianity. While recognizing religious texts and beliefs can be intimidating for beginners, this mobile game can get them prepared in a fun way. It aims to connect with people via technology while catching up with the changes in the world.

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